Hosting. Really amazingly well
Explaining vouchers. And stamping them. Yes, at the same time
Being asked if table 16 can have a decaf, soy milk latte like the last time
Sing while you’re frothing
Making sure your pastries are as good looking as your coffees. And your shirt
Having a great hair day
Setting up for lunch. That includes picking mint
Remembering that you’re not leaving until the job is finished
Sneaking a quick espresso in for the boss
Smiling until your cheeks hurt
Forgiving the effects of the night before. And the closedown
Juicing with both hands
Reciting your Bloody Mary specs
Writing a handover
Pretending you never worked at …..(add generic coffee brand here)
Listening to the same track at 8.45am every day. Yes that one
Not bragging that your latte has a killer fern except when absolutely necessary
Working it like you own it
Giving accurate directions to the British Museum. Or Paris
Looking forward to tomorrow morning