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The design takes a retro-futuristic trip to the Pop culture of London circa 1968-78 blending visual cues taken from BBC early science fiction and the French Barbarella “Queen of the Galaxy” . A film particularly popular in London, where it was the year's second-highest-grossing film on its release. Each room provides a theatrical space-age mood reminiscent of a Dr Who film set. The walls and ceilings are covered with highly specular textured surfaces in shades of silver, reflecting the ambient lights in playful angles.

The woodwork on all doors, skirting boards and bed base are stained in royal blue, evoking the frame of a deconstructed Tardis. The floor carpet in shades of cosmic grey is a 3D representation of the acoustic waves from a Disco club sound system, inviting guests to try a few dance moves in the privacy of their bedroom. Individually designed beds, mobile wardrobes and occasional furniture are made with flight-case materials with a silver rippling surface inspired by the first Apollo space programme, British Glam Rock and disco balls.

The room interior design includes iconic pop design pieces such as Scandinavian ball armchairs, British Mathmos lava lamps and UFO-shaped light pendants from Danish designer Verner Panton. As for all his previous projects, The British artist Henry Chebaane has also produced various pieces of site-specific pop art pieces including a graphic mash-up of Barbarella fighting Daleks with a hair dryer and a photographic print of London sky with lyrics from Duran Duran’s “This is planet Earth”.

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