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The Megaro Hotel is the flagship 5 star property, part of the independently owned St. Pancras Hotel Group. Re-writing the established rules of hospitality, whilst retaining the norms of care, service and refinement, The Megaro is a place of constant (r)evolution, high in colours and bold in flavours, moving to the city’s constant rhythms and beats.

A landmark building in London's Kings Cross, we weren't always this colourful, but in 2012 we changed our skin and the building mural was designed and painted by four members of street art collective, Agents of Change.

The idea is basically to bring a bit of fun and colour to a drab stretch of road, now when you come out of St Pancras, you'll think: wow, what's that?” - Antonio Megaro (Owner)


Distinction at Magenta


    Designed by renowned  the British artist and designer,  Henry Chebaane, created to postulate the intriguing premise: what if… in 1880, British engineers and scientists from the St Pancras Coal, Steel and Gas industries decided to create their own public house, with rooms above?

    Inspired by the large community of Italian immigrants based around Kings Cross, they would build a restaurant, bar and rooms celebrating ‘La Dolce Vita’ with an authentic, local British identity. A place for libations and A name that evokes northern Italy and its flavours, but also the chemistry of nature and the organic pigments that sustain plant life. These include the anthocyanins that colour our food and wines in vivid shades of red, pink and purple. MAGENTA is the colour of imagination.

    Our dishes are curated by Executive Head Chef Manuele Bazzoni, who carefully crafted his 15 year culinary career at Le Boudin Blanc as Head Chef and Trinity to name a few. Each dish is perfectly balanced to delight the senses, to take you on a journey of Italy whilst paired with our extensive wine list, selected by our in-house Sommelier Alessandro Facciolo.celebrations of everyday life until it closes, swept away by the turmoil of time. What if… 141 years later, the premises are renovated and updated with a modernist sensibility, transformed into a giant art installation? A bar and restaurant within an indoor pergola of Victorian industrial architecture, dressed in a palette of coal, steel and oak, upholstered with magenta wool and anthracite leather. An evocative space where thousands of butterflies flutter overhead, in shimmering hues of pink and silver, to a cinematic soundtrack.

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