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Backstage Britannia London Hotel Rooms with Attitude

Hotel Rooms near St Pancras London

Backstage Britannia: Hotel Rooms with Attitude

Throw pillows and neutral tones aren’t our bag mate.

Our guests are more at home in the backs of trailers enjoying a jam session, so you’d be forgiven for feeling like you were backstage at a Stones concert in our latest creation – the Backstage Britannia rooms.

It’s access all areas in these new suites – amps, neon lighting, road cases to dump your clobber in, splashes of acid yellow to inspire a little rebellion? We got you.

Sod the establishment. Be unapologetically you – if not now … when?

The Megaro

Backstage Britannia

Each room combines a dark and seductive mix of highly tactile surfaces on all walls, floors and ceilings in a palette of black, charcoal and silver.
Fashion textiles for curtains, cushions and throw add accents of eye-popping acid yellow that could have come straight off the shirt of a Fabric night-club raver or a Vivienne Westwood pair of punk trousers.

Ceiling Spotlights on rails with barn door flaps allow each guest to manually customise their preferred lighting scene during their stay.
Director’s chairs are printed with customised graphic hashtags in vivid yellow evoking English music subcultures such as punk, indie rock and ska.
Individually designed beds, mobile wardrobes and occasional furniture are made with flight-case materials, lending an edgy urban nomad feel to the room as if the set has just been unloaded from the trailer or private jet of a DJ or band on a world tour.

The room interior design includes also a number of curated British-made iconic objects such as a bar fridge clad within a Marshall amplifier, Anglepoise bedside lamps and pressed aluminium trays made by Kaymet in London since 1947.

Like for many of his previous projects Henry Chebaane also conceived and created various pieces of site-specific pop art with a dash of wry, irreverent humour.
For the Backstage rooms, his work reimagined British icons such as a bust of Churchill with punk hair and prints of Britannia styled as a rock goddess, Judge Dredd as a vigilante hairdresser and Guy Fawkes inhabiting the head of a raving DJ.

British eccentricity is definitively alive and rocking.

Introducing our new

Corner Studio by Diesel Living

The Corner Studio by Diesel Living rooms are fit for a rock star. Designed by British artist, Henry Chebaane, three corner studios have been transformed into a ‘Hip Hop Britannia’ style – featuring Diesel living furniture and pieces of British culture such as Harry Potter’s owl and the British bulldog.